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Upgrade your Tigres Windlass

The Tigres has always been an all-chain option with a warping drum

Now there is a rope/chain gypsy solution

The Retro-Fit Kit includes a new gypsy and all the parts required

If you are keeping your existing chain, check that the calibration will match


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More Information

Lofrans have developed an upgrade to convert your Lofrans Tigres Windlass to incorporate a rope/chain combination anchor gypsy.

The kit can be retrofitted using simple hand tools.

There are two chain options available:

Lofrans Part Number Price List Description Compatible Chain
636566 Rope Kit for Tigres 8 ISO-5/16" HT 8mm DIN766 P24 (8x24)
636616 Rope Kit for Tigres 10 ISO-3/8" HT 10mm ISO4565 P30 (10x30)

Lofrans Tigres Rope Kit, included in the box:

  • Screw socket head 8x45 (x2)
  • Screw socket head 5x30 (x2)
  • Screw socket head 4x16
  • Spring
  • Body
  • Finger
  • Stripper
  • Finger Pin
  • Gypsy 
  • Internal Cone Clutch
  • Accessories and Spares - Conversion Kit
Lofrans Tigres