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Loos Rig Tension Gauges
Loos Professional Rig Tension Gauge

Standard or Professional option

2.5 - 4mm
5 - 7mm and 7 - 10mm Professional only

Quick and accurate measurement

Simple hand-held operation


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More Information

Loos Rig Tension Gauges are a very helpful rig tuning guide

Available in Standard or Professional models.

Standard Model Facts and Features:

  • Tough, corrosion resistant anodised aluminium 
  • Simple to use
  • Accurate enough to be very helpful

Standard Model Basic Instructions:

  1. Hook the gauge on the shroud
  2. Pull the lanyard until the pointer is at the black inner-end mark
  3. Read off the scale where the middle of the wire meets the gauge.
  4. Most accurate if the gauge is very close but not touching the wire

Professional Model Facts and Features:

  • More accurate than the standard model
  • Shroud tension can be adjusted with the gauge still in situ on the wire

Professional Model Basic Instructions:

  1. Position the gauge so that the shroud is between the two nylon spools
  2. Pull the lanyard until the hook on the nylon slider can be engaged
  3. Release the lanyard to ensure an accurate reading off the gauge

'View Download' for full Loos User Instructions

Loos Professional

Loos Professional Rig Tension Gauge User Instructions

Download (303.53KB)

Loos Standard

Loos Standard Rig Tension Gauge User Instructions

Download (137.83KB)