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Mast Step
Mast Step
Mast Step Diagram

Folding step for climbing masts

Glass Nylon injection moulding

Lightweight and UV resistant


More Information

Folding Mast Step

The Mast Step is a lightweight, corrosion-free folding step for climbing masts or easier and safer sail stowing.

manufactured from a special combination of nylon/glass fibre which, together with its special design, gives it a safe working load of 140kg.

The steps are UV stabilised and provide safe and secure footholds in many situations including: climbing or working on masts, getting in or out of large lockers or lazerettes, or climbing onto coach roofs or trailers.

Each step weighs only 165 grams and can be folded flat when not in use.

Although the steps provide a secure foothold, it is strongly recommended to always use a harness with a safety line attached when climbing a mast.

The optimum distance between the steps is 375mm.

There should be two opposite one another approximately 1200mm from the mast top.

No steps are required at the spreaders.

To calculate the approximate number of steps required, take the length of the mast in metres and multiply by 2.5.

Aerodynamic and snag-free profile.

No rattling in wind at anchor or mooring.

Suggested fixing - Holt Monel Metal Rivets part no. HT-A386

Folding Mast Step Specifications
A B C Ød D E F G Work Load
68mm 106mm 32mm 5mm 140mm 15mm 26mm 22mm 140Kg
monel metal rivet