Rope Ladders - up to 20 metres

Produced in house by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team

Solid beech hardwood rungs inserted into LIROS 12mm octoplait white multifilament polypropylene

Approximate 30cm spacing between rungs

Produced to any length required due to the design and construction technique

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Jimmy Green Rope Ladders are produced to order in house by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team

Components, Design and Construction:

Top Quality LIROS 12mm octoplait white multifilament polypropylene: article 01078

LIROS Manufacturer Specification: Break Load = 2100kg; Stretch c 15% at working load

Multifilament Polypropylene is light weight, flexible and UV stabilised for extended durability.

A nylon tear drop shaped thimble is centre eye spliced into the middle of a continuous rope to form the two legs/rails (rope sides)

The rungs are solid beech hardwood with specially machined grooves - 350mm x 30mm diameter

The grooves are located firmly in the lay of the 8 strand octoplait construction rope by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team

N.B. A straight and uniform ladder over numerous rungs is time consuming and requires meticulous skill and methodology

There is an approximate 30cm spacing between rungs

The number of rungs therefore equates roughly to the length of the ladder in feet

The rope tails extend approximately 30cm below the bottom rung

Ladders can be produced to any specified practicable length, due to the design and construction technique

If the length you require does not appear in our list, ring 01297 20774 and speak to one of our Rigging Sales team or fill in the contact form and we will add it to the website for you or give you a special quote

Rope Ladder - up to 20 metres

- Multifilament Polypropylene Datasheet

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