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Designed and manufactured in France

The strongest stainless steel shackles in the Wichard range

Forged using high resistance 17.4 PH stainless steel

Ideal for attaching deck hardware and for high load rigging lines

Individually stamped with HR for identification

Wichard Advisory: not suitable for mooring applications


More Information

Wichard High resistance (HR) shackles are manufactured for the highest onboard load applications.

Wichard High Resistance Shackles do not feature the Wichard unique self-locking indentations.

Wichard publish a break load rating, see below, but do not issue certificates.

Wichard HR shackles are suitable for all onboard applications.

Wichard Pin Ø L A B D Working Load* Break Load* Weight
WD-11244 8mm 57mm 37mm 16mm 17mm 1760kg 4100kg 0.068kg
WD-11245 10mm 73mm 47mm 20mm 22mm 2640kg 6000kg 0.136kg
WD-11246 12mm 88mm 55mm 24mm 24mm 3600kg 10000kg 0.224kg
WD-11240 14mm 98mm 63mm 28mm 28mm 5120kg 12000kg 0.364kg
WD-11247 16mm 112mm 70mm 32mm 32mm 6800kg 19000kg 0.526kg
WD-11248 20mm 137mm 80mm 40mm 40mm 8800kg 28000kg 1.011kg
WD-11249 24mm 168mm 108mm 48mm 46mm 12800kg 35000kg 1.706kg

* Wichard Safe Working Load for Marine Applications

* Wichard Manufacturer Break Load 

Wichard Load definitions:

Working Load (WL) = Static load at which the product will still function without excessive friction or wear or without permanent deformation of components.

Breaking Load (BL) = Static load at which a major failure occurs in one or more structural components or at which complete destruction occurs.

  • Shackle Type - High Resistance
  • Shackle Type - Bow Shackle