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Selden Plain Bearing Blocks 50mm
Selden Single Block 405-001-01R

Acetal sheave plain bearing block with stainless steel strap for strength.

Stiff glass fibre cheek reinforcement, reinforced composite & sliding swivel lock.


More Information

Selden blocks are renowned for their quality & the PBB50 comes at a fraction of the price of other leading brands.

The Selden PBB50 comes with:

  • Stainless steel strap that ensures high strength & longevity
  • Stiff glass fibre reinforced cheeks to prevent wedging
  • Acetal sheave
  • Glass fibre reinforced composite
  • Sliding swivel locking mechanism.
  • Cheek blocks require M5 fixings.
Description Part No SWL BL Max Line Size
Single 405-001-01R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
Single Becket 405-001-02R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
Single Cam 405-001-03R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
Single Becket Cam 405-001-04R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
Double 405-001-05R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
Double Becket 405-001-06R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
Triple 405-001-07R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
Triple Becket 405-001-08R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
Triple Cam 405-001-09R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
Triple Becket Cam 405-001-10R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
Fiddle 405-001-11R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
Fiddle Becket 405-001-12R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
Fiddle Cam 405-001-13R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
Fiddle Becket Cam 405-001-14R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
Fiddle TWIN Cam 405-001-40R 400kg 1400kg 12mm
Cheek 405-001-15R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
Cheek R260 405-001-16R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
Cheek R40 405-001-17R 700kg 1400kg 12mm
  • Block Size - 50 mm
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