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Spinlock XCS Double Clutch
Spinlock XCS Single Clutch

6-10mm or 8-14mm line diameter

Singles, doubles and triples

Lock-open free running facility

Excellent grip and reliability on modern performance lines


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XCS clutches are an excellent choice when the mounting location requires extra durability, such as mast mounting.
Singles are available in white or silver by special request for an aesthetically matching finish

Spinlock XCS Clutch PLUS Factors:

  • Aluminium cheeks for withstanding continuous operation under extreme load.
  • Extra durability for exposed areas such as mast mounting
  • Matching surface finishes for aesthetics
  • Mid to higher load rope holding
  • Reliable all around performance
  • Available in black anodised 
  • XCS0814 for best performance across the rope range
  • Ceramic coated cam and base available for consistent holding and performance on modern lines
  • Extruded alloy handle with soft end grip
  • Secure handle locking in open and closed position
  • Easy access to fasteners
  • Handle labels supplied
  • Maximum load 1000kg 

Spinlock XCS Options:

  • Line diameter: 6mm-10mm or 8mm-14mm
  • Single, Double or Triple configuration

Side Mounting is ideal for fixing to spares, decks and cockpit coamings

Lock Open Cam Feature

Spinlock have designed a cam fitted with a special lock-open feature.
This means that when the lock is engaged, the line can run freely in both directions with the handle closed.
Simply disengage the lock for normal clutch function

Single - Weight 630g, 2 x M8 countersunk fixings
Double - Weight 1130g, 4 x M8 countersunk fixings
Triple - Weight 1610g, 6 x M8 countersunk fixings

Spinlock XTS/XCS

Spinlock XTS/XCS Installation and User Instructions

Download (348.74KB)