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Spinlock T-series 5 sheave Deck Organiser
Spinlock T-series 25mm 2 sheave Deck Organiser

Select by Sheave Diameter

25mm, 38mm and 50mm

2 to 6 sheave models in each size

Anti-wear stainless steel strip

Symmetrical configuration



More Information

T-Series Organisers are used to guide multiple lines back from the mast along the deck to a group of powerclutches.


  • Small boat organiser - 25mm composite sheaves
  • Maximum Line diameter = 10mm
  • Symmetric 2 to 6 sheaves
  • Asymmetric configurations available by request
  • Fibre-reinforced construction
  • Stainless steel ‘wear’ strip prevents local rope damage
  • Curves to follow the shape of the deck
  • Double stack with BE10/2 or /3 for lowest cost stacked line solution

T38 and T50

  • Standard Boat Organiser - T38 = 38mm composite sheaves, T50 = 50mm composite sheaves
  • Maximum Line diameter: T 38= 12mm, T50 = 14mm
  • Efficient bearing surface reduces winch effort and increases halyard life
  • Integral end fairings for safe side loading
  • Asymmetric version reduces deck footprint and saves weight
  • Can be stacked for limited deck area or adding extra capacity
  • Vari-camber feature available by special request: designed to follow the curve of the deck when fitted


  • Plan the layout of the deck before marking out holes
  • The vertical rope-entry angle should be less than 10°
  • Install the organiser on an imaginary line bisecting the angle of the rope lead
  • Ensure the deck has the required strength
  • Drill hole diameters:  T38 = ø6.5mm, T50 = ø8.5mm
  • Refrain from bending the organiser to fit the deck curve - use a shaped hardwood pad.
  • Seal the deck joint using a silicone rubber sealant.
  • Insert flush-fitting countersunk fasteners before fixing to the deck.
  • Use A4/70 A4/80 high tensile fasteners for maximum safety
  • Sheave Diameters: T38=38mm, T50 = 50mm
  • Fasten at both ends and through each sheave

User Instructions

  • The sheaves are specially moulded in composite material to provide low friction even at high loads
  • The durable stainless steel axle and countersunk fasteners provide a high strength/low weight construction
  • The tensioned line must bear only on a sheave
  • Do not allow contact between a loaded line and the organiser strap (body)
  • In a double-stacked application, always use the lower row of sheaves for the highest loads


  • Flush regularly with fresh water and apply a silicone spray or Spinlock grease when dry
  • Do not use mineral oil or solvent-based based lubricants like “WD40”
  • The wrong lubricants will degrade the bearing properties
  • For foam sandwich deck installations, please consult Spinlock
  • Never use cleaning or lubricating solvents because they will cause damage

Spinlock T38

Spinlock Organiser Dimensions T38

Download (2.1MB)

Spinlock T25

Spinlock Organiser Dimensions T25

Download (3.75MB)

Spinlock T50

Spinlock Organiser Dimensions T50

Download (2.12MB)