Sta-Lok Long Stud

Emergency rigging repair essential

Onboard assembly

Swageless self-fit mechanical fitting

Hand tools only required

Proven, trusted mechanical design

For 1x19 wire as standard

Separate wedges available for 7x19 and Compact Strand

Metric threads available on request

£ 36.50 inc VAT

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Sta-lok swageless DIY self-fit long stud terminals are a simple mechanical method of terminating wire ropes and excellent for attaching directly to the barrel/body of a turnbuckle.

The extra length can compensate for having to cut off a terminal due to damaged strands in the wire.

Sta-Lok Facts and Features:

  • Reusable N.B. with a new wedge
  • Supplied with wedges as standard
  • Efficient under both constant and variable shock loading
  • Stronger than the matching diameter wire rope
  • Totally reliable
  • Proven track record
  • Manufactured from 316 stainless steel grade 1.4401
  • Can be fitted on site or onboard using very simple hand tools

Sta-Lok Self-Fit Long Stud Dimensions

DescriptionSta-LokWire ø:ABUNF Thread
4mm Sta-Lok Long Stud Right Hand076-044mm141.3mm54mm5/16"
5mm Sta-Lok Long Stud Right hand076-05-5/165mm154.0mm54mm5/16"
5mm Sta-Lok Long Stud Right hand076-055mm166.6mm66.7mm3/8"
6mm Sta-Lok Long Stud Right hand076-06-3/86mm180.2mm66.7mm3/8"
6mm Sta-Lok Long Stud Right hand076-066mm188.5mm76.2mm7/16"
7mm Sta-Lok Long Stud Right hand076-077mm225.4mm82.6mm1/2"
8mm Sta-Lok Long Stud Right hand076-088mm225.4mm82.6mm1/2"
8mm Sta-Lok Long Stud Right hand076-08-5/88mm271.5mm95.2mm5/8"
10mm Sta-Lok Long Stud Right hand076-1010mm272.3mm95.2mm5/8"
12mm Sta-Lok Long Stud Right hand076-1212mm339.7mm115.1mm3/4"

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