Single Size 2 Stanchion Block

Barton Stanchion Block

The Barton stanchion block is available as a single or double and can be fitted to a 25mm diameter tube.

Ideal for leading roller reefing lines aft.

£ 21.10 inc VAT

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Easily fixed to a stanchion, the bolt and bracket are included.

Please remember a large size 3 is required for the final take off.

The Barton stanchion block features precision moulded acetal sheaves running on a large diameter brass bearing.

This ensures free running under high loads.

ItemBreaking LoadMax Line DiaSheave DiameterPart Number
Single Stanchion Block Size 2740kg8mm35mm2190
Double Stanchion Block Size 2740kg8mm35mm2290
Single Stanchion Block Size 3770kg10mm45mm3190

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