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Single Size 2 Stanchion Block

Single Size 2 Stanchion Block

The Barton stanchion block is available as a single or double and can be fitted to a 25mm diameter tube.

Ideal for leading roller reefing lines aft.


More Information

Easily fixed to a stanchion, the bolt and bracket are included.

Please remember a large size 3 is required for the final take off.

The Barton stanchion block features precision moulded acetal sheaves running on a large diameter brass bearing.

This ensures free running under high loads.

ItemBreaking LoadMax Line DiaSheave DiameterPart Number
Single Stanchion Block Size 2 740kg 8mm 35mm 2190
Double Stanchion Block Size 2 740kg 8mm 35mm 2290
Single Stanchion Block Size 3 770kg 10mm 45mm 3190
  • Block Size - Size 2
  • Block Size - Size 3
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