LIROS 14mm Anchorplait/Octoplait Y Shape Mooring and Anchoring Bridle


Build your Y shape bridle in two components and add each one to your cart as you go:
Build 1 - single part including one tail
Build 2 - adjoining tail

Custom Build Instructions Y Bridle


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Jimmy Green Y shape Bridle spliced to order by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team

Available in:
Octoplait, White LIROS article 01058
Anchorplait, White with distinctive easy splice markers LIROS article 01058JG
Octoplait Polyester, Black or Navy LIROS article 01049

Suitable for:
Anchor chain snubbing, permanent mooring warp applications and for use with towing lines, para anchor rodes or yacht drogue warps

Size guidelines vary for application:


LIROS Anchorplait White Nylon Article 01058JG - 100% Nylon (Polyamide) manufactured exclusively by LIROS Ropes for Jimmy Green Marine with the Jimmy Green designed Easy Splice Markers:

8 strand construction (2 pairs left hand, 2 pairs right hand) gives a balanced performance and no twist under tension.
Flakes like chain.
Spliceable to chain
Anchorplait is the rope that won't cockle.
High strength and abrasion resistance.
UV stabilised
Retains flexibility throughout working life. 
> 20% working load stretch provides excellent shock absorption. 

LIROS Break Load: 10mm 2400kg ~ 12mm 3300kg ~ 14mm 4400kg ~ 16mm ~ 5600kg ~ 18mm 7000kg - 20mm 8140kg ~ 24mm 11800kg ~ 28mm 15000kg ~ 32mm 20000kg

LIROS Octoplait Polyester Article 01049 - 8 Strand, Balanced, Square Braid Construction, 100% Polyester - super pliable, spliceable to chain, Reliable load capacity and abrasion resilience combined with excellent constructional shock absorption >15% working load stretch
LIROS Break Load: 10mm 2000kg ~ 12mm 2400kg ~ 14mm 3800kg ~ 16mm ~ 4700kg ~ 18mm 5800kg - 20mm 7600kg ~ 24mm 11600kg

The Jimmy Green Rigging Sales Team are very happy to help you to build and order a bridle to meet your bespoke requirements.

Please take extra care when ordering because once a bespoke item has been started (cut) it can neither be cancelled or returned for a refund.

Follow these steps to get an instant quote and complete the order yourself

Build a Y shape in two components and add each one to your cart as you go:

Y shape 

Build 1 - single part including one tail
Select Option 1 - Make your choice of splice on the mooring/anchoring end
Select Option 2 - Pick your rope and enter the full length of the bridle (the total length of the single part and one tail) This will be the length from bearing edge to bearing edge
Select Option 3 - Add an anti-chafe option, if required
Select Option 4 - Add a compensator option, if required
Select Option 5 - Make your choice of finish to attach to your cleats on the right end.

Build 2 - adjoining tail
Select Option 1 - Select the Y joining splice
Select Option 2 - Select a matching rope and the length that you require for the second tail
Select Option 3 - Add an anti-chafe option, if required
Select Option 4 - Add a compensator option, if required
Select Option 5 - Make your choice of finish to attach to your cleats on the right end.

e.g. for a Y bridle comprising a 2 metre single part with two 3 metre tails, select a 5 metre length for Build 1 and a 3 metre length for Build 2

Ensure that you select matching rope for each component and a matching finish for attaching to your cleats in order to create a symmetrical Y

The adjoining tail will be spliced in so that the two tails are the same length.

If you select a mooring compensator or an anti chafe option once, it will be applied to the single part.
The mooring compensator will be fitted nearer to the mooring/anchoring end unless otherwise specified by email.

If you select a mooring compensator or anti chafe option twice, they will be fitted as a matching pair, one on each tail.
The mooring compensators will be fitted nearer the Y joining splice unless otherwise specified by email.
Any anti chafe can then be suitably positioned to protect the tails as they pass through the fairleads and on to the cleats.

If for any reason you would prefer an asymmetrical configuration with non matching splicing/whipping on the two tails and/or one tail longer than the other, please order the 2 build components as above and send an email confirming your desired specification.
A sketch would also be very helpful
e.g If your fairleads are not positioned the same port and starboard you may prefer a loop splice on the end of one tail for a fixed length and a longer second tail with a whipping in order to adjust the bridle to take the load equally.

Once you have made a selection in all the drop down boxes available, the website will generate:

1. a picture version of what you have chosen
2. an overall length 
3. a price including VAT and any current applicable discount

The website will accept a length to 3 decimal points. However, this is not practicable for mooring and anchoring bridles
For short strops and bridles, the Jimmy Green Rigging Team aim for a bearing edge to bearing edge measurement which is accurate to within + or - the diameter of the rope
All ropes stretch to some extent under load. Mooring and Anchoring ropes stretch more than most.
Please allow for stretch under load when determining your finished length


Check the item is designed as you wish. You can alter any of the 5 boxes and the website will update the picture and the price.
Check the quantity that you want to purchase and click the green Add to Basket button to put it in your shopping basket
Select Continue Shopping or Proceed to Checkout
To view a short summary of the items you have selected, hover over the pale green Basket icon in the green banner, top right of the webpage
To view a detailed description of the items you have selected, click on the pale green Basket icon in the green banner, top right of the webpage or hover over Basket and click on Checkout

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team Finished Length Process for Y Bridles
1.   Splice one end of the first rope
2.   Secure the spliced end to the bearing edge pin on the splicing bench
3.   Lay the rope out straight against the fixed tape measure
4.   Y Splice a second rope into the first rope at the appropriate point
5.   Secure the spliced single part end to the bearing edge pin on the splicing bench
6.   Lay the the single part and the twin tails out straight against the fixed tape measure
7.   Calculate and mark the turning point for splicing the end of each tail ---> equal lengths for each tail for a symmetricale Y shape
8.   Estimate the extra length required to complete each splice and cut accordingly
9.   Complete one tail splice and check the finished length against your order
10. Complete the second tail splice
11. Check both tails are equal for a symmetrical Y

Additional Information
The finished length is measured from the bearing edge to the bearing edge = the inside face of a loop/thimble where e.g. a shackle pin would take the load and therefore NOT the overall outside length.
The splicing price includes the extra rope required to make the splice and meet the overall finished length

Quality Control
The Jimmy Green Rigging Team undertake to check your rope meticulously during the production process to ensure that it is 100% First Quality.
The Jimmy Green Despatch Team make a second thorough quality inspection of each item, including a careful check that it matches your order, before packing it into your parcel

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