Mooring Bridles  

Mooring Bridles can be deployed for: 1. permanent mooring lines    2. snubbing lines on the anchor chain
Telephone or email for a bespoke solution - the Jimmy Green Rigging Team can offer support and assistance
Permanent Mooring Bridles
3 or 4 colums to the right of your boat length in the Mooring Warp Size Guide is a good benchmark for the size of your mooring strop.
N.B. it is always a good idea to take advice on local conditions and to check your proposed size and configuration against other moorings in the area.
Anchor Chain Snubbing Bridles
The load bearing capacity of a snubbing bridle should normally be compatible with the anchor rode - if the bridle is under sized, it will absorb the shock loads well but may ultimately be sacrificial - if it is oversized, the shocks and surges may not put enough strain on the rope to make it stretch sufficiently and absorb the snatch.
LIROS Anchorplait Nylon article 01058JG
 is manufactured exclusively for Jimmy Green Marine by LIROS Ropes with the Jimmy Green designed Easy Splice Markers
100% Nylon (Ployamide) square braid construction, non kinking, balanced braiding, spliceable to chain, dependable strength, excellent durability, UV and abrasion resistant
Excellent Shock Absorbing Elongation >20% working load stretch
LIROS Break Load: 10mm 2400kg ~ 12mm 3300kg ~ 14mm 4400kg ~ 16mm ~ 5600kg ~ 18mm 7000kg - 20mm 8140kg ~ 24mm 11800kg ~ 28mm 15000kg ~ 32mm 20000kg

A Jimmy Green V shaped bridle is based on the Anchorplait centre eye splice (with or without a thimble/chain hook)
A Jimmy Green Y shaped bridle requires a Y Joining Splice to marry two tails into a single part line
Plain white LIROS octoplait nylon article 01058 with only LIROS tracer yarns is also available

Custom Build Instructions - V Bridle  
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