Cones, Formers, Wedges, Ferrules, Spares Kits

The Jimmy Green Rigging Sales Team are on hand to help you select the correct cones/wedges and formers for your Sta-Lok Swagelss Terminals.

Wire terminal replacement cones/wedges are available for 1 x19, 7 x 19 and Compact Strand construction stainless steel rigging wire.

Swageless Terminal Formers can be used on all 3 constructions of wire rope.

Sta-Lok swageless replacement parts are available for wire rope diameter 3mm up to 14mm.

Onboard Spares Kits are available to add to your yacht safety inventory for extended cruising.

Norseman Compression Terminals

Navtec/Norseman Gibb ceased production of Norseman Terminals many years ago and the company no longer exists in any form that is useful for researching or sourcing replacement cones.

Norseman Gibb Swageless Terminals are still fitted to countless yachts worldwide and a lot of these fittings will still be perfectly serviceable with a suitable replacement cone.

Top Quality Replacement Cones for Norseman Terminals are reproduced by Tylaska USA, well respected manufacturers of top quality shackles and rigging hardware for regatta performance running rigging

Tylaska have developed their replacement cone from the original specification and designed it to fit existing Norseman Terminals that are still in service.

Jimmy Green Marine stock replacement cones for metric diameter wire in standard 1 x 19 and Compact Strand from 6mm up to 12mm diameter.

Imperial and other metric sizes are available on request

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