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Karver Winches

Karver are world renowned for their quality of design and performance in the most demanding yachting conditions.

Karver purchased the Pontos company in 2018.

Karver winches feature all the benefits of the revered Pontos range, developed from 15 years of meticulous research.

Karver claim that their winches are simply incomparable with other brands -  six times faster than any other sailing winch !

Karver winches deliver ultimate speed and power with the minimum of effort.

Jimmy Green Marine offer the Karver Compact, Speed and Power Winch range. Karver Winch Comparison Chart

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Karver Compact Winch
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Karver KSW40 - Speed Winch
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Karver KSW46 - Speed Winch
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Karver KSW52 - Speed Winch
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Karver 110 - Power Winch
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Karver KPW130 - Power Winch
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Karver KPW150 - Power Winch
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