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12mm Chain with 24mm 3 Strand Tails - Mooring Bridle

Click on the boxes below to reveal your custom build options - Highlight your choice from the drop down menus  DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS

Add ANTI-CHAFE TUBE WEBBING to your basket and request the Rigging Team to sleeve it on to the chain.

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Mooring Lines spliced into either end of a short length of chain can be a real asset for temporary, overnight or permanent mooring arrangements.

The Jimmy Green Team call this arrangement a Mooring Strop with Chain Centre Section

Also known as Rope/Chain/Rope Bridles, the concept is ideal for securing your boat to a fixed pile or mooring buoy through a metal ring.

Set your lengths so that the chain centre section and not the rope comes into contact with the rusty metal, saving the warps from the otherwise ineviatble excessive abrasion.

Webbing can be sleeved over the chain to soften the harsh contact of metal on metal.
Add the appropriate webbing to your basket seaparately and put a note in the 'Name' box at the bottom of the custom build process to request that the webbing is sleeved onto the chain.

Consult the information in our ROPE/CHAIN/BRIDLE SIZE GUIDE to establish the most suitable specification for your motor or sailing yacht, considering the application

Rope/Chain/Rope Bridles Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Spliced and finished in house to your specification by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team
  • Ideal for mooring onto unsympathetic steel rings - piling mooring, the top of a mooring buoy
  • Chain section provides long lasting chafe protection on the ring
  • Both Nylon and Polyester provide excellent stretch and shock absorption
  • Choose the loop splice option for a quick and easy fixed length mooring bridle
  • Select the whipping option for an adjustable length solution
  • Add anti-chafe measures and mooring compensators if required

Rope/Chain/Rope Bridle Concept in practice:

  • Secure one end to your main cleat.
  • Pass the other end through the ring and back to the main cleat. 
  • Make sure you position the chain so that it will take the load on the ring in order to save your warp from chafe

Rope/Chain/Rope Bridle Component Parts:

LIROS 3 Strand Nylon Article 00110 Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Available in White and Navy
  • Manufactured from 100% high tenacity heat set Nylon (Polyamide) to DIN EN ISO 1140 standard 
  • Thermofixed twisted lay construction
  • Dependable high strength
  • Excellent durability
  • Superb wear and abrasion resistance
  • UV stabilised
  • > 20% working load stretch provides excellent shock absorption
  • Excellent protection against snatch loads
LIROS Break Load:
8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm 20mm 24mm 30mm
1440kg 2400kg 3300kg 4400kg 5600kg 7000kg 8140kg 11800kg 17400kg

LIROS 3 Strand Polyester Article 00111/01110 Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Manufactured to DIN EN ISO 1141 standard
  • Available in Black, Navy and White
  • Heat Set Twisted Lay Construction
  • Best available handling in a twisted lay rope 
  • Dependable Strength
  • Excellent Durability
  • Superlative wear and abrasion resistance
  • Superb UV stability and resilience
  • Excellent shock absorbing elongation under load >15% working load stretch
LIROS Break Load:
10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm 20mm 24mm 30mm
2000kg 2600kg 3600kg 5000kg 6000kg 7000kg 10500kg 14800kg

The Professional Finish applied by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team including reassuringly secure rope to chain splicing.

MF CatenificioMF Solid Zinc

Jimmy Green MF Grade 40 Hot Dip Galvanised Calibrated Anchor Chain is sourced exclusively from MF Catenificio Frigerio, Italy

MF Catenificio chain is manufactured, hot dip galvanised and proof tested in their modern research, test and production facility located near Lecco, Lake Como, Italy.

The proof load testing process ensures that each individual weld has been completed successfully.

MF Calibrated Anchor Chain features enhanced Solid Zinc Galvanising treatment with greater micron depth and prolonged protection against corrosion.

MF Calibrated Anchor Chain Specification
Chain Calibration Pitch MBL Weight 
12mm ISO 4565 36mm 9177kg 3.2kg

MBL = Manufacturer Break Load
Weight = approximate weight in kg per metre


William Hackett stainless steel calibrated anchor chain, manufactured on automatic chain making machines from A316L to Grade 3

Jimmy Green G3 stainless steel chain specification

Service Load Safety Factor = 4:1
M.B.L. = Manufacturer Minimum Break Load

This chain is sourced in the UK from William Hackett Ltd, respected manufacturers and distributors of chain since 1892

  • Purchase Type - Custom Build
  • Rope Fibre - Nylon
  • Rope Diameter - 12mm
  • Boat Length (Permanent Strop) - 6-8 metres up to 2.5 tonnes
  • Colour - White
  • Colour - Navy
  • Boat Length (Rope/Chain/Rope Bridles) - 14-16 metres up to 16 tonnes
Anti-Chafe Tubular Polyester Webbing - colour range
Reinforced PVC Hose, priced per metre
LIROS Anti-Chafe Tubular Polyester Webbing for rope up to 30mm
Marlow TFH Chafeguard
Anti-Chafe Tubular Polyester Webbing - 50 metres