Anti-Chafe Tubular Polyester Webbing

Polyester anti-chafe tube webbing, protective covering for anchor and mooring warps up to 30mm in diameter.

Webbing : Rope Diameter : Also fits over Chain Size
25mm : 10mm - 14mm : -----
40mm : 16mm - 20mm : 6mm - 8mm Chain
60mm : 24mm - 30mm : 10mm, 12mm Chain

Price per metre

£ 2.50 VAT incl.

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Thread the tubular webbing onto a mooring/anchor rope or chain.

Use a whipping, lashing or tape at both ends to secure in position.

Sold per metre.

Anti Chafe Tubular Webbing is suitable for Rope diameters as follows:

25mm webbing - 10mm up to 14mm rope diameter
40mm webbing - 16mm up to 20mm rope diameter
60mm webbing - 24mm up to 30mm rope diameter

Anti Chafe Tubular Webbing is also suitable for fitting over chain on mooring strops to make it more comfortable to handle and a little less clunky

Tubular Webbing : Chain sizes as follows:

40mm webbing - 6mm, 7mm and 8mm Chain
60mm webbing - 10mm and 12mm Chain

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