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Marlow TFH Chafeguard
Marlow TFH Chafeguard 25mm

Rubber Lined Polyester Tube Webbing

Exceptional chafe resistance

Ideal for mooring and anchoring applications


Price per metre

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TFH CHAFEGUARD has a tough polyester exterior with a bonded rubber lining for ultimate abrasion durability.

TFH Chafeguard is an anti-chafe tubular construction webbing with an additional bonded rubber lining making it ideal for protecting a spliced loop or threading on to the section of the strop/warp which is vulnerable to excessive wear.

TFH is a champion bastion of defence against aggressive chafe or wear caused by e.g. rough harbour walls, rusty rings, chocks, bitts, bollards and cleats.

TFH Sizing - Select the width according to the rope diameter that you propose to thread through the tube:

  • 25mm Tube: 16mm to 20mm
  • 32mm Tube: 24mm
  • 42mm Tube: 28mm - 32mm