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Selma Splicing Fids, 5 piece set
Selma Splicing Fids, 5 piece set

Genuine Selma Manufacture

Set of 5 different size fids

Highly polished stainless steel

Produced in Norway

World wide patent


More Information

Set of 5 Selma Splicing Fids

Selma Fids (Needles) are made from highly polished stainless steel

They are patented Worldwide and each fid is embossed with the manufacturer's mark for authenticity

Designed for splicing various strands of rope construction:

  • Doublebraid (braid on raid rope)
  • 3-strand
  • Hollowbraid

Supplied in a protective case complete with detailed illustrated instructions.

Can be used for splicing Loop splices, eye splices, back splices and end-to-end splices.

The 5 piece set covers rope diameter from 6mm to 22mm in braid on braid and 3strand construction and from 4mm to 26mm in Hollowbraid

Selma Splicing Fid, individual
Selma Splicing Fids, 4 piece set
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