Mooring Strops

Mooring Strops  

Mooring Strops are ideal for permanent mooring configurations.
Select 3 Strand or Anchorplait
Select the diameter
Select the Jimmy Green Rigging Team Professional Finish you require at each end
Add anti chafe and shock absorbing measures

Telephone or email for a bespoke solution - the Jimmy Green Rigging Team can offer support and assistance
Permanent Mooring Warps and Strops
3 or 4 colums to the right of your boat length in the Mooring Warp Size Guide is a good benchmark for the size of your mooring strop.
N.B. it is always a good idea to take advice on local conditions and to check your proposed size and configuration against other moorings in the area.
3 Strand or Anchorplait Nylon is the best rope on trots or piles where you are moored fore and aft.
N.B. Use only Anchorplait for swinging moorings - 3 strand lines may 'cockle' when the 'swing' turns against the lay of the rope.
The construction of Anchorplait prevents any chance of 'cockling'

Custom Build Instructions

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