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Stainless Steel Wire Rigging and Wire Rope

The Jimmy Green Marine Rigging Team invite you to try our wire rigging service involving the meticulous production of complete rigging wires to your exact lengths and specifications.

Jimmy Green Marine offer a comprehensive range of wire rope terminals suitable for marine and architectural applications to complement the stainless steel wire. More obscure fittings can be obtained from our Rigging Manufacturer partners at reasonable notice to solve any rigging issues.

Deadlines are there to be met, and Team Jimmy Green take great pride in delivering on schedule, whether in the UK or the other side of the world.

Marine Grade 316 stainless steel 1x19 wire is generally the wire rope of choice for Yacht Rigging on Cruising Yachts.

Compact Stranded stainless steel wire offers enhanced performance for racing or extended cruising.

Marine Grade stainless steel 7x19 wire offers a flexible option for running rigging.

Break Load Comparison Chart by Wire Construction: 7x19, Standard 1x19 and Compact Strand

Leading marine industry manufacturers such as Sta-Lok, Petersen Stainless, Hamma, BSI, Selden, Bluewave and KOS are carefully sourced to ensure all our completed wire rigging is of the highest possible quality.

Jimmy Green produce Wire Rigging on machines recognised as the best in the marine industry. For wires up to and including 12mm in diameter, modern, up-to-date, maintained and serviced WireTechnik Hydraulic Roller Press and multiple Cabco Talurit Hydraulic Presses are on hand in our Rigging Workshop at Jimmy Green to carry out the work. For wires of 14 and 16mm diameter, finished wire assembly including swaging is carried out on site at Sta-lok in the UK. Sta-lok are a premium wire terminations manufacturer with vast experience in the marine and architectural industry.

All our custom build rigging prices include swaging the terminals onto the wire rope.

Strict Quality Control Procedures and Accountability Systems ensure that only the best quality stainless steel wire and terminals are considered. Traceability is an essential feature of the Jimmy Green assurance policy: Stainless Steel Wire - Quality Control and Care

Jimmy Green Marine offer a comprehensive range of swage terminals, e.g. eye, forks, tees, strap toggles, plus multiple turnbuckle and backstay insulator options.

Jimmy Green Marine also offer the full range of Sta-Lok, Petersen Hi-Mod and Bluewave Swageless DIY fittings, plus Norseman replacement cones manufactured by Tylaska Marine. These are standing rigging essentials for wire rigging solutions involving one end swaged and the other end left long for finishing in situ.

Instant Quote

The Jimmy Green Custom Build Online System makes an instant online quote very achievable, even with only the basic information on your standing rigging.

Once the specification is finalised and the price is established, each wire stay, shroud or other finished wire rigging component can be added to your basket to purchase.

Custom Build Selection Process

  • Select the type of wire you require: KOS Standard 1x19, Compact Strand or KOS Flexible 7x19
  • Select the diameter of the wire

Once you are on the correct product page for the wire construction and the diameter, you can enter

  • The terminal at the top
  • The approximate length of each stay
  • The bottom terminal (with or without rigging screw)

These Custom Build Instructions will help you through the process.

For a rough guide, approximate lengths and an educated guess for the terminals will suffice. The decision on whether to replace the turnbuckles dramatically affects the price.

Confirming the correct T terminals to fit your mast backing plates with proper load-bearing seating is extremely important to the integrity of your rig.

However, for an indicative quote, the T terminals are similarly priced for each wire diameter, so it is possible to select a generic one to estimate a price.

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team are always on hand to help you through the entire process by email or telephone.

If the measuring seems daunting, send us the old rigging as a pattern. We'll be able to measure, ask any pertinent questions about the new rig and quote you before starting any work.         

Step by Step Guide to tackling a Re-Rig

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