Chain Snubbers

Chain Snubbers

Stainless steel chain hooks, grippers and grabs with or without a nylon tail.

Chain Snubbers are essential for taking the strain from your windlass and for providing additional shock load absorption.
Custom build a strop or bridle with top quality LIROS Rope spliced by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team - 3 Strand for single strops or Anchorplait for bridles.
Single line strops can be used over the bow roller, twin strop lines (V shaped bridles) are ideal for use with handed deck fairleads and mooring cleats. 
Once the desired length of chain has been paid out, secure the end of the strop to a cleat and attach the hook/gripper/grab to the chain with slack in the line.
Ease off enough chain so that the strop is taking the load and remember to allow for the rope to stretch. 

LIROS Nylon will stretch approximately 20% at the breaking point. The aim is for the strop to take the strain. The chain should be secured to a cleat or post if practicable just in case the strop fails. The windlass is then the strongpoint of last resort.
Choose a strop diameter roughly equal to your bower anchor warp size.
Bear in mind that an oversize nylon strop will not stretch as much as the correct size.
A slightly undersized nylon strop will provide more shock absorption but may ultimately prove sacrificial.

Factor in to your selection:

  1. the type of anchoring
  2. the length of time at anchor
  3. whether the yacht is unattended.

Custom Build Instructions -Anchor Chain Snubbing Strop ~ Custom Build Instructions - Anchor Chain Snubbing V Bridle

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