Handy Billy 4:1 Purchase System

Spliced by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team

Designed to help move heavy loads 

Plain Bearing Fiddle Blocks - 30/45mm sheave

Cam Cleat to grip line 

£ 99.00 VAT incl.

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Handy Billy 4:1 Block and Tackle Purchase System, spliced by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team, designed to help move heavy loads.

The Jimmy Green 4:1 purchase system effectively divides the weight you need to lift by a factor of 4.

Based on a maximum straight lift for a single person of 20kg, this purchase system is not suited to lifting loads > 80kg

The top fiddle features a cam to grip the retrieved line

Reeved Line Colour: white with blue coding

Handy Billy 4:1 Purchase System Comprises:

12 metres 8mm LIROS Braid on Braid EVO bright white polyester spliced to the becket on a fiddle block with cam cleat and reeved in combination with a fixed fiddle block.

The fiddle has a stainless steel carabine hook and 1 metre 8mm LIROS 3 strand polyester spliced on to the other end.
The hook makes for an easy snap on action to secure the load.

Component Parts:
  • Fiddle plain bearing blocks: 30/45mm diameter sheaves, MBL 740kg
  • Reeved line: LIROS braid on braid EVO polyester, 8mm diameter, MBL 2290kg
  • One metre tail: LIROS 8mm 3 strand white polyester, 8mm diameter, MBL 1400kg
  • Stainless steel carabine hook: Makefast 80mm x 8mm, similar hook MBL 400kg
  • Spliced and reeved by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team
MBL = The break load rating published by the manufacturer or distributor


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