Osculati Chain Connecting Rivet Link, 8 pins

Osculati Chain Connecting Link

Osculati Connecting Links have 8 locking pins making them more secure and stronger than standard rivet links

£ 7.50 VAT incl.

Osculati state that their rivet links have a break load comparable with the chain you are connecting (although this may be Grade 30 chain)

They are manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel to dimensions close to DIN766 calibration for 6mm, 8mm and 12mm, and close to ISO for 10mm so that they should pass over your gypsy without jumping

Link the 2 parts through the ends of your chain and then hammer the rivet ends over so that the link cannot come apart.

Stainless steel welding the 2 parts together would ensure peace of mind.

As with all stainless in contact with galvanised steel, the area should be checked at regular intervals for signs of metallergic reaction.

Sized by diameter:

6 mm 31.5 mm 20.5 mm
8 mm 40.5 mm 26.5 mm
10 mm 50.5 mm 35.5 mm
12 mm 61 mm 40.5 mm