Crosby G335 Galvanised Replacement Link

Also known as a C Link

For joining two lengths of chain

Manufactured by the Crosby Group in the USA

Galvanised finish on forged and tempered steel

£ 24.50 inc VAT

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Crosby C Links are available in two sizes: 5/16" and 3/8"

Crosby G335 link - will normally (this is not guaranteed) run successfully through an anchoring gypsy.

The 3/8 link fits onto the end link of 10mm DIN766 and 10mm ISO calibrated chain.

The 5/16 link may may need some fiddling to get it to fit onto the end link of some 8mm DIN766 galvanised calibrated chain.

Chain links can be used to join lengths of chain but cannot be considered as reliable as a new length of chain.

It is extremely important to check regularly for signs of damage, rust and wear

Crosby G335 Manufacturer Break Loads:
5/16 (for 8mm chain) = 3536kg
3/8 (for 10mm chain) = 4988kg

Integral rivets combine the two halves.

Rivets must be peened once connected.

3/8 size has additional interlocking lugs, 5/16 does not have additional lugs.
G335 Diagram


Please note that Jimmy Green Marine do not recommend joining chain where the connection is load critical or a matter of safety.

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