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Maillon Rapide, stainless steel rated link
Maillon Rapide, stainless steel rated link

For joining chain or an anchor to chain

Genuine Maillon Rapide manufacture

AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel

Produced in France

This is the pukka rated option:
Each link is individually stamped with the manufacturer safe working load

6mm Out of Stock Until June 24


More Information

Maillon Rapide Links are manufactured in France by Maillon Rapide, from AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Tested and Rated - individually stamped with the manufacturer safe working load

Maillon Rapide WLL

Threaded stud and hexagon collar for tightening with a wrench or spanner.

Joining link for e.g. two lengths of chain, chain to anchor.

Maillon Rapide links may prove useful for a chain to anchor connection fornarrow bow rollers and/or restrictive stemhead channels

Maillon Rapide Dimensions

Maillon Rapide Link Specifications
Bar Diameter Overall Length SWL  MBL Overall Width
6mm 57mm 14.5mm 7.5mm 650kg 3250kg 31mm
8mm 75mm 17.5mm 11mm 1100kg 5500kg 39mm
10mm 89mm 20.5mm 12mm 1800kg 9000kg 47mm
12mm 105.5mm 23.5mm 15mm 2500kg 12500kg 53mm

L1 = Length overall (outside)
A = internal width
O = aperture width
SWL = Safe Working Load (5:1 safety factor)
MBL = Manufacture (maillon Rapide) Break Load

This link is not suitable for running over a windlass gypsy.
Using stainless steel next to galvanised chain may cause a deterioration in the end links of the chain, so keeping a regular check on that area is imperative.
Any affected links can be removed and the Maillon Rapide refastened.

The threaded part may need to be worked onto a chain of the same diameter.
It may even be necessary to file a minimal amount off the thread.

Please note that Jimmy Green Marine do not recommend joining chain where the connection is load critical or a matter of safety.