Colligo Marine T-terminal Cheeky Tangs

Colligo Marine's patented Cheeky Tang®️

Fittings are a simple and robust way to splice Colligo Dux rigging directly to the mast.

5-9mm line - T size 8

9-11mm line - T size 9

11-13mm line - T size 10

15-17mm line - T size 11

Single or Double

£ 260.00 inc VAT

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T-fitting Cheeky Tang fittings are identical to Standard Cheeky Tang®️ Fitting in their Critical Dimensions (below).

Instead of a thru-bolt, the correct-sized t-fitting adapter is included.

They can be used with either standard thru-bolt style mast tangs or adapted for use with t-fittings.

By using Cheeky Tang®️ fittings, you're eliminating one link in the rigging chain.

Typically, on a standard thru-bolt mast tang, the bolt itself is the first link in the chain.

Stainless straps are fitted to the bolt, which accept clevis pins to attach the wire rig.

By using Cheeky Tang®️ fittings, you can eliminate that clevis pin, essentially splicing the Dux right to the bolt and removing one link in the chain for simplicity and robustness.

They're also ideal for installing running backstays and inner forestays.