Petersen Cones

Petersen Cones

Spare Cones for Petersen compression terminals.

For 1x19 standard stainless steel wire

Match the cones to your wire diameter

£ 7.09 inc VAT

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Cones are used within Petersen compression terminals for two purposes.

They guide the outer ring of wires out to the crown ring notch.

Unlike other brands, Petersen Cones are re-usable.

Therefore, the fitting can be completely disassembled for inspection and the same parts re-used assuming there is no damage.

Colour Codes for Compression Cones
Wire Size
MetricImperialWire ConstructionColourLengthRingsBody Code
3mm (CTC03)1/8" (CTC03)1x19 or Dyform14mm003
4mm (CTC04)5/32" (CTC05)1x19 or Dyform20mm004
5mm (CTC05)3/16" (CTC05)1x19 or Dyform23.7mm005
7/32" (CTC7/32)1x19 or Dyform22.2mm005
6mm (CTC06)1x19 or Dyform28.1mm006
1/4" (CTC1/4)1x19 or Dyform28.1mm006
7mm (CTC07)9/32" (CTC07)1x19 or Dyform32.6mm007
8mm (CTC08)5/16" (CTC08)1x19 or Dyform39.9mm008
10mm (CTC10)1x19 or Dyform47.6mm010
3/8" (CTC3/8)1x19 or Dyform47.9mm010
7/16" (CTC11)1x19 or Dyform47.6mm010
12mm (CTC12)1x19 or Dyform56.1mm012
1/2" (CTC1/2)1x19 or Dyform56.1mm012
14mm (CTC14)9/16" (CTC1/2)1x19 only65.1mm014
16mm (CTC16)5/8" (CTC16)1x19 only79.7mm016
19mm (CTC19)3/4" (CTC19)1x19 only86.7mm019
22mm (CTC22)7/8" (CTC22)1x19 only99.4mm022
26mm (CTC26)1" (CTC26)1x19 only117mm026

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