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Sta-Lok self-fit wedge for Dyform wire
Sta-Lok self-fit wedge for Dyform wire
Sta-Lok self-fit wedge for Dyform wire

Replacement Cones ~ Also known as wedges

For Sta-Lok swageless terminals

For Dyform wire

For some sizes of Compact Strand as well

see chart below

Laser marked for identification

Sold Individually


More Information

Sta-Lok Dyform Self-fit Wedges, for use with Sta-Lok DIY swageless terminals and Dyform wire, can be fitted in situ, onsite or onboard with simple hand tools.

Absolutely essential whenever Sta-Lok terminals are being re-used.

These cones are specifically designed for use with Dyform wire, but only certain diameters of Compat Strand wire.

Do not use on standard 1x19, 7x7, 7x19 wire

Do not use on Compact Strand wire, except in certain sizes listed below.

4mm, 5mm, 8mm and 10mm wedges are suitable for both Dyform and Compact Strand - please check the chart

Compacted strand and Dyform wire ropes provide higher breaking loads and lower stretch than conventional 1 x 19 wire

There are 5 different constructions (1×7), (1×19), (1×25), (1×31) and (1×36)

Sta-Lok Swageless Self-Fit terminals will terminate each of these constructions using different wedges - see table below

Sta-Lok Wire Diameter Construction Compact Dyform
154-04 4mm 1x7 Yes Yes
154-05 5mm 1x19 Yes Yes
154-06 6mm 1x19 No Yes
154-06C 6mm 1x19 Yes No
154-07 7mm 1x19 No Yes
154-07C 7mm 1x19 Yes No
154-08 8mm 1x19 Yes Yes
154-10 10mm 1x19 Yes Yes
154-12 12mm 1x19 No Yes
154-12C19 12mm 1x19 Yes No

Compact Strand Wedges