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Fender Lanyard Clamcleats
Fender Lanyard Clamcleats
Fender Lanyard Clamcleats
Fender Lanyard Clamcleats - Instructions Diagram
Fender Lanyard Clamcleats
Fender Lanyard Clamcleats

Fender Cleats for boats

Quick and simple to rig and tension

Lower or raise fenders easily

Maximum 6mm line diameter

Ideal for small boat fenders


More Information

Clamcleat® CL223 Loop Cleats are designed and manufactured for tensioning lines up to 6mm diameter, making them ideal for creating adjustable fender lanyards.

Lower or raise your small boat fenders without the hassle of slipping, untying or retying knots.

Clamcleat Loop Cleat Helpful Hints and Plus Factors:

  • Rig the cleat onto a line to form a lanyard which is quick to tension and simple to adjust or release
  • Produced from marine grade nylon
  • Completely corrosion proof
  • Functionally and structurally tested for high strength
  • Ergonomical shape for comfort in your hand
  • Loop Cleats can be used to tension lines on sports nets, boat covers, tents and canvas structures or even radio masts
  • Other uses include suspending curtains and tensioning banners in a theatre
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Available in White
Technical DetailsMetric
Rope Diameter 3 - 6mm
Material Nylon
Hole Centres n/a
Length 52mm
Width 16mm
Height 39mm
Bolt Size n/a
Screw Size n/a
Weight 18g

Clamcleat have upgraded the CL223, all the changes have been functionally and structurally tested:

  • Slightly shorter and higher, but no heavier
  • More generous opening at the top of the teeth for easier entry
  • Critical areas have been strengthened
  • Deeper aperture for knot
  • Increased hole sizes for easier rope threading
  • Elimination of any sharp edges around front hole
  • More ergonomically engineered