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Guardrail Netting
Guardrail Netting

Manufactured from 50mm knot to knot nylon

Select your guardrail height, 60cm or 75cm


Price per metre

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Guardrail Netting, manufactured from 50mm knot to knot 3 strand nylon line, 10.5 meshes deep is ideal for preventing any loss overboard between your top guardwire, pulpit rail or pushpit rail and the toe rail.

Available by the metre, select your guardrail height, 60cm or 75cm high and the length you need to cover in metres

Team Jimmy Green will calculate the amount of 'closed' netting to measure from the reel to generously cover the length you require at your selected height.

Ideal for helping to keep everything and everyone safely on board

Guardrail netting can be fitted in sections that are considered high risk or around the entire deck. N.B. Netting will be unnecessary where there are PVC dodgers already fitted

Meticulous care and use of the appropriate ancillary components are a pre-requisite of attaining an aesthetically pleasing finish:

  • Use a border cord at the bottom
  • Avoid simply reeving the top or bottom line/wire/rail through the selvedge mesh
  • Load a netting shutttle (bobbin) with your preferred lacing cord and secure the netting with a couple of half hitches on the angled point of each selvedge mesh

Helpful Hints:

LIROS 8 plait white polyester is ideal for border cord in e.g. 4mm or 5mm and the seizing cord in 2mm, 2.5mm or 3mm

  • Purchase Type - Per metre
LIROS 8 plait White Polyester 01040
Jimmy Green Netting Needle
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