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Harken Carbo Cam Cleat

Harken Carbo Cam Cleat

Harken Ball Bearing Cam Cleats hold lines fast, and release instantly for easy, precise trimming.


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The Harken range of Ball Bearing Cam cleats features multiple rows of high load ball bearings to reduce friction, enabling them to open quickly for snap down rather than draw through cleating.

The Cam Horns and smooth V-shape guide line for easy entry.

This allows precise sail control without having to readjust the cleated line.

Aluminium Cam-matics are hard-kote anodised for high-load, high-wear, continuous adjustment applications.

Ball bearings are UV stabilised with carbon-black additives for maximum protection.

Dimensions Line Dia Hole Spacing Break Load
Mico-Carbo 22 x 48 x 24mm 3 - 6mm 27mm 136kg
Carbo 30 x 65 x 32 mm 3-10 mm 38 mm 227 kg
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