Harken Radial Winches

Radial® Technology

Angled ribs on drum for improved grip


Integrated stripper arm

Chrome or Aluminium

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Harken Radial® Winches feature an improved gripping surface on the drum.

Radial® denotes the special grooving and shaping on the winch drum and the form is individual to each winch size and drum material.

Radial® design grip technology takes the form of specially designed and engineered diagonal ribbing rather than textured abrasive materials.

The ribbing effectively maximises the gripping power of the drum, but by the same token, also greatly reduces wear and abrasion on the rope.
When easing the line, the angle of the ribs stops the rope turns from rising, preventing overrides and providing a smooth controlled release as the line exits the winch.

Harken Radial® Plus Factors:

  • Exceptional strength to weight ratio
  • Outstanding durability and reliability pedigree
  • Robust, but weight saving composite self-tailing jaws and winch skirt
  • Reduced friction under load from composite roller bearings
  • Low maintenance - composite bearings do not require lubrication
  • 17-4PH super strength stainless steel load bearing gears e.g. cogs and pins
  • Excellent overall corrosion resistance and endurance

Please note sizes 15 and 20 are single speed only.

Harken Radial Winch Size Guide
Radial 2014.5m212.8m21m211.6m91m211m12.8m
Radial 3521m214.6m30m213.1m105m214.6m14.6m
Radial 4025m216.5m38m214.9m115m216.5m16.5m
Radial 4634m221m58m219.5m142m220.7m21m
Radial 5036m222.2m65m220.7m162m222.5m22.2m
Radial 6049m225m79m224.4m204m225.9m25m

Halyard refers to the maximum mast height I.
Sheet refers to maximum sail area.

Base DiaMax Line Dia
Radial 15120mm10mm
Radial 20137mm12mm
Radial 35149mm12mm
Radial 40157mm12mm
Radial 46184mm14mm
Radial 50194mm14mm
Radial 6025mm16mm

Quick Service Guide

- Harken Winches Servicing Guide

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