Lofrans Radio Remote Control, wireless 312976

Lofrans Wireless Remote Control

Lofrans wireless remote control 312976, simple to install, set up and use out of the box

£ 251.75 VAT incl.

£ 265.00


Lofrans wireless remote control, designed specifically to work with Lofrans windlasses but can also be used to operate other onboard equipment such as thrusters, davits etc.

  • Transmitter rated IP67
  • Supports up to 8 independently controlled channels
  • Each receiver can switch 4 channels (12/24 V - 2 A) 
  • Each transmitter can handle 2 receivers (8 channels)
  • Digital recognition avoids accidental activation of other system 
  • Zero power consumption when in standby mode (transmitter)
  • Easy to install and set up, simple to use

**868 MHz is the authorised frequency for Europe

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