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Lofrans Gypsy Cones
Lofrans Gypsy Cone 631842

For changing the chain size of your gypsy

8mm gypsy #318A - 631842
10mm gypsy #318B - 631846
Lofrans Gypsy Cone Diagram


More Information

Lofrans Gypsy Cones will be required if you are changing your gypsy chain size from 8mm to 10mm or vice versa.

For new size gypsy 8mm - select 8mm outer cone, part number 631842
For new size chain 10mm - select 10mm outer cone, part number 631846

N.B. Inner cone for 10mm Gypsy #277 = 631855

N.B. You will need to change the stripper as well.

These parts are applicable for the Royal, Kobra, Cayman and Tigres windlass.

Team Jimmy Green can check any other requirements with Lofrans on request.

Additional part number 631841 - this is a clutch cone spare reference #915 for a Lofrans X2 windlass

  • Accessory - Spare Parts