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Raise and lower your mainsail and control outhaul tension from anywhere on your boat

Compatible with all leading brands

5 year warranty

Full instructions included


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Mainsail Remote Control

  • Especially useful if short-handed, so you can be in two places at once
  • Trim your sails from the best vantage point
  • More reliable and easier to use than fixed controls
  • Very fast response and very long range
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used instead of or in parallel with existing controls
  • Each system has a unique ID code
  • Very low power consumption
  • 5-year battery life in Remote
  • Works with all boat types including steel
  • Range typically 100m line-of-sight, 50m once installed
  • Also available for Windlass and Bow Thruster control


  • Simple four button control for main and outhaul
  • Sealed waterproof enclosure (and it floats)
  • Comfortable to hold, and big buttons are easy to operate, even with gloved hands
  • Wrist lanyard for extra security
  • 3 x AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries provide for 250 hours continuous operation (sufficient for 5 years of normal use)
  • Worldwide license exempt radio transmission


  • Easy to install
  • Each system comprises two Receivers
  • Can be used instead of or in parallel with existing controls.
  • Available for 12v or 24v operation
  • Rugged water resistant enclosure
  • Internal relays fused at 10 amps
  • 2 metre connecting cables supplied as standard
  • Very low (10mA) power consumption
  • Comprehensive installation manual (click to download)
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Coastline Remote Manual

Coastline Windlass Radio Remote Control Manual

Download (684.79KB)