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Barton Snatch Block Snap Shackle Attachment

Barton Snatch Block Snap Shackle Attachment
Barton Snatch Block Dee Shackle Attachment
Robust stainless steel construction

Ergonomic open and close mechanism

Small and Medium snap shackle options

Dee shackle option (medium only) for permanent applications


More Information

Barton Snatch Blocks are robust, simple to operate and represent an excellent value for money option when considering the addition of a pair to your rigging inventory.

Barton manufacture their snatch block in 2 sizes: Small and Medium, see chart below for specification and dimensions

Barton also produce the medium snatch block with a fixed Dee shackle head for any application where the location is likely to be more permanent and not require simple snap fixing.

This option represents a good saving.

Barton include a stainless steel becket pin which facilitates the creation of a 2:1 purchase, doubling the pulling power.

The Snatch Block Advantage:

The opening design allows a rope to be inserted without any reeving required - especially helpful if the line is long and/or it passes through multiple leads and/or clutches.

Simply open the block, insert the line, close the block securely and attach the head of the block to your intended strongpoint.

Quick and effective solution for changing sheet or control line leads.

Excellent as temporary or spinnaker sheet turning blocks.

Barton Snatch Block Specifications
Snatch block size and attachmentBartonSheave ØRope ØMBLSWLLengthWeight
Small snatch block with S/S snap 90301 35mm 12mm 800kg 400kg 110mm 170g
Medium Snatch block with S/S snap 90401 48mm 16mm 1100kg 550kg 150mm 378g
Medium Snatch block with S/S 'D' shackle 90402 48mm 16mm 1300kg 650kg 144mm 316g

Sheave Ø = Sheave Diameter
Rope Ø = Bartom maximum recommended rope diameter
MBL = Manufacturer (Barton) Break Load
SWL = Barton recommended Safe Working Load
Length = length overall