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Lewmar Ocean Snatch Blocks

Lewmar Ocean Snatch Blocks

Ideal for general spinnaker use

Snap Shackle head for easy attachment

Swivel Head for self-adjusting alignment

Secure ergonomic side opening and closing

Hard wearing synthetic rubber cheeks

Stainless steel straps and becket


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Lewmar are world renowned for the manufacturing and design excellence of their yacht hardware.

Lewmar have decades of experience and involvement with the highest levels of superyacht and yacht racing development to help create a robust, top performance, ergonomic cruising equipment portfolio.

Lewmar’s aim is to make sail handling easier for every kind of yachtsman.

The Lewmar Ocean range of Snatch Blocks has been well proven over many seasons of rugged, hard-working, racing and extended cruising.

Lewmar Snatch Block Features:

  • Available in 3 sizes, see chart below
  • Lewmar snap shackle head for quick attachment, detachment and changing of position.
  • N.B. where the attachment strongpoint does not permit full articulation, e.g. a toe rail with a problematic profile, an interim shackle/soft shackle must be used to ensure the load is taken at the correct angle.
  • Swivel Head for self adjusting alignment
  • Secure ergonomic side opening and closing for quick and easy line insertion
  • Hard wearing synthetic rubber cheeks are also sympathetic in contact with the deck and other deck fittings
  • Marine grade stainless steel cheek straps
  • Marine grade stainless steel aperture mechanism
  • Marine grade stainless steel becket - useful for 1. stretching shock cord to the guardrail to prevent contact with the deck when not in use and 2. starting a secondary purchase system
  • Size 1 and 2 - marine grade stainless steel plain bearing sheave pin
  • Size 3 – Delrin roller bearing on marine grade stainless steel sheave pin
  • Ideal for general spinnaker use

Important Lewmar Advisory

Lewmar state that these blocks are designed for line handling on sail boats only

Lewmar Part Number Size Option BearingType Sheave Material SheaveDiameter Sheath Width SWL MBL Weight Line Diameter
L19810600 Size 1 S/S Plain Delrin 66mm 20mm 1135kg 2270kg 480g 14mm
L19820600 Size 2 S/S Plain Deltin 80mm 20mm 1590kg 3180kg 880g 16mm
L19830500 Size 3 Needle Roller Aluminium 80mm 20mm 2155kg 4310kg 1040g 16mm

Delrin is the common name used to describe the complex composite: polyoxymethylene (POM) acetal plastic.

SWL = Safe Working Load where the safety factor is approximately 2:1
MBL = Manufacturer (Lewmar) Break Load

Delrin Properties:

  • Good mechanical strength and rigidity
  • Extremely tough under load, effectively squash resistant
  • Tolerant to repeated impact
  • Excellent endurance against fatigue under continuous pressure
  • Superb resistance to petroleum based solvents, moisture and other neutral chemicals.
  • Good electrical insulating properties
  • Self-lubricating
  • Normally pure white, but sometimes available with integral pigment in off white, yellowy white, yellow, orange, blue, brown black or grey with no other difference in substance or performance
  • Non-floating