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Wichard Snatch Blocks
Wichard Snatch Blocks

Wichard single handed operation

Ergonomic plunger pin aperture control

Snap shackle head for easy attachment

Swivel head for self-adjusting alignment

Strong side opening and closing mechanism

Maximum Line Diameter:
Size 1 = 12mm ~ Size 2 = 18mm


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A pair of Wichard snatch blocks are ultimately an excellent addition to the rigging spares kit on any yacht because they have so many good uses, even if only as a temporary measure.

The most common applications for snatch blocks are for changing a sheet or control line and for leading spinnaker sheets and guys.

They can be quickly employed to change the route of any preventer or control line because the opening feature allows the line to be inserted into the pulley without the need for reeving the entire line as would be the case with a low friction ring or ordinary block.

Wichard Standard Snatch Block Features:

  • Standard Wichard Swivel Snatch Block for quick attachment, detachment and swithcing of strongpoint
  • Strong and reliable side opening and closing mechanism
  • Wichard single handed operation
  • Ergonomic plunger pin aperture control
  • Scratch and impact resistant elastomer-moulded cheeks, sympathetic to your deck
  • Plain Bearing sheave
  • Stainless Steel Becket

A becket on a block is a simple but really useful additional feature:

  1. Attach and stretch alength of shock cord (bungee) from the becket to e.g. the guardrail to effectively make it a stand up block avoiding unnecessary contact with the deck when not in use
  2. The requisite attachment point for starting a purchase system

Wichard Snatch Block Composition:

  • HR 17.4 PH forged stainless steel arm
  • Elastomer moulded cheeks
  • Marine grade stainless steel cheek straps
  • Marine grade stainless steel sheave plunger pin
  • Marine grade stainless steel becket
  • Composite sheave
  • Plain Bearing

N.B. if the snap shackle is attached to a fitting with an awkward profile e.g. some toe rails, an interim shackle or soft shackle is advisable to ensure that the snatch block is free to articulate and alignment itself to take the load correctly.

Wichard Snatch Block Specifications
Wichard Maximum Line Diameter Height Width Thickness SWL MBL
WB-34500 12mm  145mm 59mm 43mm 720kg 1300kg
WB-35500 18mm 155mm 59mm 49mm 1200kg 2500kg

SWL = Safe Working Load where the safety factor is approximately 2:1
MBL = Manufacturer (Wichard) Break Load