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Wichard Forged Stainless Shackles

Drop forged AISI 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel is the optimum standard when you are sourcing reliable, brand quality, manufacturer rated shackles for critical high load applications.

Wichard manufacturing is respected worldwide for performance in a harsh marine environment.

Wichard Drop Forged stainless shackles are the optimum branded solution for multiple onboard purposes. 

Wichard Forging Process

The Wichard design and development team have perfected a drop forging technique for AISI 316L stainless components.

Wichard employ a Forge Hammer to create a heated slug under pressure between two dies.

Wichard have honed their drop forging method to optimise accurate componet production.  

The resulting homogeneous structure ensures precision, enhanced strength, elasticity and resistance to corrosion

All Wichard components are finished and polished to an extremely high standard, and subjected to a thorough quality testing regime to ensure customer satisfaction.

Wichard Forging Process

Wichard Patented Self Locking Mechanism

Wichard Self Locking Feature

The Wichard Design and Development Team have come up with an ingenious method of preventing the shackle pin from loosening accidentally.

Firstly, the head of the pin screws a bit further into the shackle than usual.

Then the design indentations play their part.

The specially shaped pin head locates into an indentaion at each quarter turn.

The pin is locked in position, but it is still possible to undo the pin with a shackle key.

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