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Swaged Terminals

Roller Swage Terminals

Roller swaging is a professional cold forging process where the wire is inserted right to the hilt in the cylindrical tunnel of the terminal, and the two are compressed (crushed) together using a hydraulic roller press.

Swage terminals are available to purchase from Jimmy Green Marine but please bear in mind that they require specific Wiretechnik or Cabco Talurit hydraulic machinery and the requisite operating skills to fit them successfully to wire.

Typical swage wire terminals include the following configurations: Eye, Fork, Stud, Tee, StemBall, Toggle Fork and Strap Toggle Fork.

Swage Terminals are available to purchase from Jimmy Green from the following manufacturers: Petersen, Sta-Lok, Hasselfors, hamma™OS/BSI, Navtec and Selden.

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Petersen Forged Stainless Steel Swage Eye
Petersen Swage Fork Terminal
Petersen Swage Strap Toggle
Petersen Swage Shackle Toggle
Petersen Shroud Mast Terminal
Petersen Stemball Mast Terminal
Petersen Swage Stud with Imperial Thread
Swage Stud Open Body UNF Thread
Sta-Lok Swage Stud Closed Body
Sta-Lok T Terminal
Sta-Lok Eye Toggle Swage
Sta-Lok Strap Toggle Swage