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Snatch Blocks

Snatch Blocks are an extremely useful addition to the rigging spares inventory on any sailing yacht because they can quickly and efficiently provide a temporary solution to various different line routing issues.

Jimmy Green offer a range of different options from leading block manufacturers: Holt, Allen, Lewmar, Harken and Wichard.

What is a Snatch Block ? A snatch block is a single sheave pulley where one of the side cheeks/straps opens to allow a rope to be inserted without the rigmarole of reeving the line through the entire system. The opening function is achieved in varying designs by different manufacturers, but the purpose remains the same e.g.

  • Holt, Allen, Lewmar and Wichard - hinged head locating on the sheave pin
  • Harken and Wichard - soft attachment, removable on one side

Soft blocks perform a similar function to snatch blocks - made from a horseshoe shape fairlead - effectively an open ended low friction ring - with a dyneema loop which can be attached and detached.

Snatch Block Facts and Plus Factors:

The extra design and manufacturing process results in snatch blocks generally being quite a lot more expensive than standard design blocks.

The opening design allows a rope to be inserted without any reeving required - especially helpful if the line is long and/or it passes through multiple leads and/or clutches.

Simply open the block, insert the line, close the block securely and attach the head of the block to your intended strongpoint.

Quick and effective solution for changing sheet or control line leads.

Excellent as temporary or spinnaker sheet turning blocks.

Can also be easily employed to create a 2:1 purchase, doubling the pulling power.

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