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Unimer U Cleat demonstrated with rope
Unimer U Cleat demonstrated with rope

Unique removable locking mechanism

Easy to fit without a free end of the line

Superb shock absorbing properties

Long lasting elasticity

Manufactured in Sweden by Unimer

Reduce snatch loads on your ropes

Available in 3 sizes

Mooring Compensator Advisory


More Information

Unimer U-Cleat mooring compensators feature a unique removable locking mechanism that allows for fitting without a free end of the line.

This design protected feature provides a substantial advantage over conventional compensators.

The U-Cleat can easily be repositioned after fitting, transferred to another line, or fitted to a line with eye splices or thimbles on both ends.

When it’s time to wash your lines, the U-Cleat is easy to remove and refit.

The innovative U-Cleat lock between line and compensator is designed to give optimal locking effect and prevent the line from slipping, without affecting the strength or durability of the line.

The U-Cleat Mooring Compensator is design protected and made in Sweden from a high quality EPDM rubber.

The housing inserts are glass fibre reinforced polyamide moulded into the EPDM rubber.

The cleats are produced in glass fibre reinforced polypropylene.

Replacement U inserts are available, supplied and priced in pairs (to service one U cleat).

Unimer U-Cleat - PBO Best Buy Award September 2016:

"This is designed to address the problem of easy removal from the line by using Clamcleat type jammers which can be popped out from the end of the snubber.

This also allows it to be fitted to an already rigged line.

Unimer have also chosen a cruciform rather than cylindrical section.

The result of this is that on our extension test it extended almost linearly to 360mm extension at 200kg, and looked set to keep going.

On the bounce test, it came in third with a 100kg peak, dissipating the shock much more rapidly than the cylindrical version."

U Cleat Video