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Douglas Marine Cardan Mooring Device
Douglas Marine Cardan Mooring Device
Douglas Marine Cardan Mooring Device - detail
Douglas Marine Cardan Mooring Device with belt

Douglas Marine Rated Break Load

Silent Mooring Springs with Anti-Twist

Yachts up to 11 metres = Small

Yachts up to 14 metres = Medium

Yachts up to 16 metres = Large

Shackle included at one end


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Douglas Marine

Manufactured in Italy from marine grade stainless steel HR.

Douglas Marine are proud to produce a mooring spring complete with an enhanced cardan rotation device featuring rotating heads at each end bedded on stainless steel ball bearings.

Cardan Mooring Spring Device Plus Factors:

  • Rotating Head on stainless steel ball bearings - the Cardan function is essentially a universal joint at both ends of the spring which allows the spring to rotate independently of the connecting shackles preventing the attached mooring lines or chains from twisting.
  • Special nylon head design:
Prevents squeak and keeps the spring silent
Provides surge damping - stopper effect
  • Balanced Load bearing capacity - the Cardan shaft design ensures that the spring flexes in and out in perfect symmetry with the internal parallel load bars.
  • Excellent articulation from shackle end connectors.
  • No need to purchase extra shackles - there is one incorporated in to the design.
  • Rated Manufacturer Break Load.

Douglas Marine publish a manufacturer minimum break load for reassurance:

Douglas Cardan Maximum
Yacht Length
Spring Ø  Length S/S wire Ø Elastic
Break Load
806-0011DC Small 11 metres 75mm 380mm 8mm 120kg 2500kg
806-0014DC Medium 14 metres 90mm 480mm 9mm 190kg 3800kg
806-0016DC Large 16 metres 90mm 480mm 12mm 400kg 6200kg

Jimmy Green Rigging Team Advisory

  1. Attach a slack warp alongside the spring as a security measure.
  2. Deploy a second, independent mooring line for reassurance.

These precautions are especially important when the yacht is left unattended for long periods.