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Ultimate Mooring Spring Shock Absorption

Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Specially engineered elastomers (rubber inserts)

Douglas Marine Rated Break Load and Elasticity

Suitable for stern to mooring

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Douglas Marine

Manufactured in Italy from marine grade stainless steel HR and specially designed elastomers (rubber inserts that provide the shock absorption)

Master Mooring Device 30 Plus Factors:

Balanced load-bearing capacity

High load-bearing shackle end connectors.

Rated Manufacturer Break Load.

Rated Manufacturer Elasticity.

Sizes 1, 2 and 3 have the same break load, but the shore hardness of the elastomer varies according to the degree of elasticity required for the weight of the motor or sailing yacht.

Douglas Marine publish a manufacturer minimum break load for reassurance:

Size 1 2 3
Douglas Reference 806-0030 806-0031 806-0032
Osculati Reference OSC-0120901 OSC-0120902 OSC-0120903
Yacht Displacement 45-55 tonnes 55-70 tonnes 70-90 tonnes
Elasticity 2400kg 2600kg 2800kg
Stroke 140mm 140mm 140mm
Douglas Break Load 27000kg 27000kg 27000kg

Jimmy Green Rigging Team Advisory

  1. Attach a slack warp alongside the spring as a security measure.
  2. Deploy a second, independent mooring line for reassurance.

These precautions are especially important when the yacht is left unattended for long periods.