Spiroll Rope Protection

Spiroll, produced from Durable UV resistant polyurethane, automatically rolls up to take the shape of the rope, simple to fit, tape it in position. Chafe protection where and when you need it

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Spiroll withstands the wear and tear on rocks and concrete docks

Spiroll reduces the squeak in fairleads

Wrap the Spiroll around the rope, adjust it to the right location and secure with tape

The cover is made of durable polyurethane that is UV-resistant and soft

Spiroll Rope Protection is designed with a unique technology that allows the material to automatically roll up several times around the ropes

• Easy to install and remove
• Extends the life of your ropes / lines
• Two sizes
• Resistant to UV light and salt water
Colour: Black

Specification Small:
Rope diameter 8mm – 16 mm
Length: 400mm

Specification Large:
Rope diameter 16mm – 25 mm
Length: 600mm

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