Anti-Chafe Tubular Polyester Webbing for rope up to 30mm

Rope Protection up to 28mm diameter
Sympathetic Chain sheath up to 12mm

Webbing Width : Rope Diameter : Chain Size

25mm :   8mm-12mm:  ---
33mm : 12mm-16mm:  ---
40mm : 16mm-20mm:  6mm-8mm Chain
60mm : 24mm-28mm: 10mm-12mm Chain

Price per metre

£ 3.00 VAT incl.

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Protection against wear and chafe for all your ropes and lines.
Abrasion is generally caused by repetitive movement against unsympathetic contact surfaces e.g. fairleads, cleats, clutches, tow rails, harbour walls etc.

Thread the tubular webbing onto a mooring/anchor rope or chain.

Use a whipping, lashing or tape at both ends to secure in position.

Anti-Chafe Tubular Webbing is suitable for rope diameters as follows:

25mm webbing -   8mm up to 12mm rope diameter
33mm webbing - 12mm up to 16mm rope diameter
40mm webbing - 16mm up to 20mm rope diameter
60mm webbing - 24mm up to 28mm rope diameter

Anti-Chafe Tubular Webbing is also suitable for fitting over chain on mooring strops to make it more comfortable to handle and a little less clunky

Tubular Webbing : Chain sizes as follows:

40mm webbing - 6mm, 7mm and 8mm Chain
60mm webbing - 10mm and 12mm Chain

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