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Hempel Tiger Xtra 2.5ltr
Hempel Tiger Xtra 2.5ltr

Self-polishing, erodible with controlled release

One coat is sufficient for the sailing season - apply two coats for year-round protection

For power and sailing boats

2.5 litre tins: wrapped meticulously for despatch

Dents may have occurred in transit, but they do not constitute a fault unless there is evidence of significant oxidation or content seepage.


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Hempel Tiger Xtra is a high-performance, self-polishing, erodible antifouling providing excellent protection all season.

Tiger Xtra is suitable as antifouling for glass fibre, wood, plywood and steel power and sailing yachts with a maximum speed of 25 knots. 

Tiger Xtra is a one-coat application to last the entire season.

Applying a second coat for year-round protection gives excellent and consistent long-term performance under all conditions.

Do not use on aluminium or other light alloy metals.

Hempel Advisory: Risk of corrosion in case of contact

Hempel Tiger Xtra Specification
Ambient Temperature Touch Dry Time Minimum Re-coat Time Maximum Re-coat Time Thinners/Tool Cleaner Coverage
10°C 8 hours 10 hours  None Thinners No 3 12.8 m2/litre
20°C 4 hours 5 hours None Thinners No 3 12.8 m2/litre

Minimum application temperature 5 °C

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Hempel Tiger Xtra

Hempel Tiger Xtra Antifouling Data Sheet

Download (87.89KB)

Hempel Tiger Xtra

Hempel Tiger Xyta Antifouling Antifouling Safety Sheet

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