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Hempel Silic One 750ml
Hempel Silic One 750ml

Silicone Hydrogel Fouling Release System

For all types of boats except wood

For fresh and seawater

Biocide-free formula

750ml tins: wrapped meticulously for despatch

Dents may have occurred in transit, but they do not constitute a fault unless there is evidence of significant oxidation or content seepage.


More Information

Hempel Silic One is a biocide-free, high-solidity fouling release system based on silicone and hydrogel for use below the waterline on glass fibre, steel and aluminium.

Hempel Silic One is suitable for cold, temperate and warm waters.

The silicone and hydrogel formulation gives a smooth even surface making it difficult for organisms to attach to the hull and facilitates self-cleaning when the boat is in motion.

Silic One is suitable for use on all substrates except wood.

Available in three colours: Red, Black and Blue

How does Silicone Fouling Release work?

Unlike antifouling, the Fouling Release System doesn’t rely on biocides. This process is based on silicone and hydrogel, which gives the coating surface waterlike properties, making it difficult for fouling organisms to attach firmly to the hull and easy for them to be removed when the boat is in motion.

The frequency of usage and speed can influence amount of fouling, so the best performance is expected on motor boats.

Hempel Silic One Explanation video

Hempel's Silic One Cleaning procedure video

Silic One Ticecoat Yellow 750ml
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Hempel Silic One

Hempel Silicone One Fouling Release System Data Sheet

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Hempel Silica One

Hempel Silica One Data Sheet

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Hempel Silic One

Hempel Silic One 750ml Safety Data Sheet

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