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Hempel's Cruising Performer 2.5ltr
Hempel's Cruising Performer 2.5ltr

High Performance

Erodible, self-polishing antifouling

Excellent protection for all seasons

N.B. Restricted courier options apply

2.5 litre tins: wrapped meticulously for despatch

Dents may have occurred in transit, but they do not constitute a fault unless there is evidence of significant oxidation or content seepage.


More Information

Hempel Cruising Performer is a self-polishing, erodible antifouling with the very latest controlled release technology, which reduces the build-up of paint, minimising fouling and maximising cruising capability in all areas.

Cruising Performer has an excellent coverage rate and colour stability and offers excellent value for money for glass fibre, wood, plywood and steel boats and yachts with a top speed of less than 25 knots.

Do not use on aluminium or other light-alloy metals.

Hempel Advisory: Risk of corrosion in case of contact.

Hempel Cruising Performer Specification
Ambient Temperature Touch Dry Minimum Re-coat Time  Maximum Re-coat Time  Thinners/Tool Cleaner Coverage
10°C 8 hrs 10 hours None Thinners No 3 12.8 m2/litre
20°C 4 hrs 5 hours None Thinners No 3 12.8 m2/litre
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