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Hempel's Hard Racing Antifouling
Hempel's Hard Racing Antifouling

High performance, hard, smooth racing finish

Resistant to polishing or scratching

Excellent fouling protection

For fast motorboats, racing yachts, boats on drying out berths, and trailer sailers

N.B. Restricted courier options apply

2.5 litre tins: wrapped meticulously for despatch

Dents may have occurred in transit, but they do not constitute a fault unless there is evidence of significant oxidation or content seepage.


More Information

Hempel Hard Racing is a hard, high-strength antifouling which gives a smooth racing finish, offering all round competitive performance.

Hempel Hard Racing Facts and Features:

  • Formulated especially for power boats, racing yachts and vessels which are mud berthed
  • May also be used on yachts and boats that are dry (trailer) sailed
  • Solid and durable
  • Resistant to scratching and polishing
  • Do not use on aluminium or other light-alloy metals
  • Hempel Advisory: Risk of corrosion in case of direct contact
  • Suitable as an antifouling for glass fibre, wood, plywood and steel for power and motor yachts and boats
Hempel Hard Racing Specifications
Ambient Temperature Touch Dry Minimum Re-coat Interval Maximum Re-coat Interval Thinners/Tool Cleaner Coverage
10°C 8 hours 10 hours None Thinners No 3 12.5 m2/litre
20°C 4 hours 5 hours  None Thinners No 3 12.5 m2/litre

Minimum application temperature 5°C

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